About Me

Luke Foust

Software Developer, Father, and pretty much the strongest guy I know. I work for Microsoft on the msn.com team. I think my wife's blog is better than mine.

To contact me, you can email me at luke@foust.com. You can also find me on twitter, stackoverflow, github, bitbucket, and facebook. Feel free to read over my resume or my stackoverflow careers site.


Open Source

Here are some open source projects I have worked on in the past: stacky, Google Charts for Asp.Net, TagChimp.Net, Yahoo User Interface Web Controls for Asp.Net, Smugmug.Net, MarkPad, and NBlog.

While I am talking about myself I would like to mention that I was honored to be featured on All About Microsoft (Mary-Jo Foley's blog) and I won the StackOverflow API programming contest.